John's Scratch Tutorials and Edits

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Here are my first 6 Scratch Progams.

(1. Animate Your Name)

Here is my edit. I changed the background, added sounds to the letters, and made them rotate.

(2. Make it Fly)

 Here is my edit, I changed the background, made the hippo movable with the direction keys (up,left,down,right), and made the clouds and the buildings move.

(3. Make Music)

Here is my edit, I added sounds to the conga and tabla drums (space,up,right,down, arrows), and I added a rhythm of music to the hip hop sprite (left key).

(4. Race To The Finish) [press spacebar]

 (5. Hide and Seek Game)

[press on the sprite as soon as you see him and the score will increase]

(6. Create a Pong Game)

 [press the green bar to bounce the ball back and increase the score]

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