Janebelle's Autobiography and Timelines

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This is my Autobiography and Timeline

Section 1 the Bare Facts

  My full name is Janebelle Psalm Cenidoza. My hair colour is black, and my eye colour is brown. My height is 4 foot 11. I am 13, And my birthdate is July 5 2003. Yes, i was named after someone, i was named after my mom and sister.  My mom was sick when she was giving birth to me, and people thought i would be abnormal. My birthstone is a Ruby, and my zodiac sign is Cancer

Section 2 Family

I am the youngest in the family. my sister, chiara, she has brown eyes, black hair, short, and she is a joker.  My brother, Jaydhen, he is tall, skinny, brown eyes, black hair and he’s athletic. My auntie, she has short hair, brown eyes, black hair and she is always serious. My uncle, he is bald, chubby, brown eyes and average height. I am filipino. No, i do not have any pets.

Section 3 your family

My house is small, it is the colour pink on the outside, there are 5 bedrooms, 2 washrooms, and a garage. The thing i like best about my house is that it is close to Mcdonalds and Burger King.
Yes, i did live somewhere else, i think it was close to Maples, it was house after house after house, they all looked the same, it was peach coloured, 3 rooms, 1 washroom, a basement, and in the basement, there were 2 swings.

Section 4 friends over the years

Maekelle, she is caring, athletic, helpful, and always has a smile on her face. Maria, she is very talented, athletic, smart, and very caring. Veni, he is very loud, but he would always be there for you, he is smart, but very annoying.  I would say the first best times i’ve had with my friends, was when we won Provincials, it was at Tech Voc school, right after the Easter dance. Its one of my favourite because, it was fun playing with the people i love, basketball is probably the only thing i like, ehh, kinda. The second best times i’ve had with my friends was probably, Maria’s birthday party, because, that's when i started getting closer to them, and because we forced Bush to dance, it was really funny.  We always make puns and jokes, i don't know why, we just make jokes all the time, when we’re all together, it’ really crazy.

Section #5 You
 People say i’m athletic, really loud, very hyper, i’m very much into music and really crazy. I like sports, I like doing peoples hair, and I like music. No, i’m not in any clubs. Yes, i won two
Awards, I won an mvp award in grade 7 for basketball and the second one was from grade 6, i got an “athlete of the year award”. Terry Fox, because he wanted to help people with cancer and whenever i run, i think about how he worked so hard to make a difference. Everytime i run, i think about Terry Fox. My body keeps saying “ stoppp, i’m tired” but i try to ignore that voice, i just keep running, and it actually worked, i finally reached my goal, i didnt walk, and i got a pretty good time. But i know i can do better.

Section #6 Timeline

July 5 2003
Date of Birth
I went to Niagara Falls
First time i went to the Philippines
I went in a limo for my birthday
I sang in a musical
I entered double digits
Junior girls ball team won provincials

Section #7 School Days

Sargent Park School. My principal is Ms. Krosney and one fact about her, is that her first name is Luba. Probably the best time i had was the Pep Rally, because, we got to support our school, and i was with my friends being REALLY crazy, like always.

Section #8 Future Plans

When i grow up, i wanna travel, I wanna go to Paris. I want to live in Toronto. When I grow up I would have longer hair, I would probably dye it ombre brown. I would still be short. I would look really tired, like always, and i would always wear dark clothes.

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