As a kid I would travel throughout the city and spend my bus fare at the local arcades.  For all of you too young to know what that is..... it would be many video game machines in a building and they charged 25 cents a game.  One of my favorite games was Space Invaders.  This will be your next Tech task.

To start this project you need to explore a few sractch Space invaders...
  • log into Scratch
  • Search Space Invaders
  • Click on a few, Do Not play but go to See Inside
  • Your goal is to create the base ship and a sprite that will serve as a laser/bullet.
When you have found a SIMPLE game and you create your own base ship(sprite) and Bullet(sprite 2)

Find the code you like to help you move the ship to the right and the left and the bullet to go from the bottom to the top.

The tricky code is how to have sprite 1 and 2 connected so that the bullet goes up from where ever (sprite 1) the base ship moves.

Happy ship building.

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Here are my 2 Maze Games!.

This is the simple maze game!.

Here is the harder one!.

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Gibey's scratch games

 this is hard try this!

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here is my first maze game.

here is my second maze game.

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Here is my first maze game.

Here is my second maze game.

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Here are my maze games.

This is the simple one.

This is the harder one.

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Here is the video to make your simple maze game.  Please have it done by next class.

Please have it done at Scratch by next class.
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This is my Scratch Assessment

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Here are the rest of my scratch programs.

( Dance Party )
[Just press the green flag button and be AMAZED.]

(Catch Game)
[Press left and right arrows to move the bowl and catch the BALLS.]

( Create a Virtual Pet )
 [press on the different interactive things and see what they do!]

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Here are my first six scratch programs.

  this my dance party

this is my animate my name

this is my make me fly

this is my dance party two in this one I added two more sprites.

this is my animate my name two where i changed the backdrop

this is my make me fly two where i changed the sprite into a plane

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this is my scratch assesment
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This is my first Scratch Assesment flag
2.drag to bottom right corner
3.drag to top right corner
4.drag to top left corner
5.then bottom left corner
6.drag to center p
8.draw square
9.draw rectangle
"I  key=clear all"
"O key=pen up"
"P key=pen down"

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Here is my scratch assessment.
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This is my first Scratch Assessment

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This is my Scratch Assessment.

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Here are my first 6 Scratch programs.

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This is my first Scratch Assessment.

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Here are my first 6 scratch posts.

This is my edit.

Here is my second scratch post.

Here is my edit.

Here is my third scratch post

Here is my edit.

Here is my fourth post.

Here is my edit.

Here is my fifth post.

Here is my edit.

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Here are my first 6 scratch programs.

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This is my first Scratch Assessment

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Here are my first 6 Scratch programs.

and here's more...

and here's!



Click the words

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Here are my 6 Scratch programs.

And here more....

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Here is your assessment Read Carefully.
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Here are my other Scratch 7 Scratch Tutorials.

Make Music

Race to the Finish

Hide-and-Seek Game

Create a Ping Pong Game

Let's Dance

Catch Game

Create a Virtual Pet

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Here are my first 6 scratch's

Here are my edits

Different background and different movements

Here are my edits

Cat in different spot and different saying

Here are my edits

Different background, different people

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Here are my first 6 Scratch programs

Here are my changes

New backdrop

Here are my changes

New sprites and I edited my name

Here are my changes

New sprites

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Here are my first 6 Scratch Progams.

(1. Animate Your Name)

Here is my edit. I changed the background, added sounds to the letters, and made them rotate.

(2. Make it Fly)

 Here is my edit, I changed the background, made the hippo movable with the direction keys (up,left,down,right), and made the clouds and the buildings move.

(3. Make Music)

Here is my edit, I added sounds to the conga and tabla drums (space,up,right,down, arrows), and I added a rhythm of music to the hip hop sprite (left key).

(4. Race To The Finish) [press spacebar]

 (5. Hide and Seek Game)

[press on the sprite as soon as you see him and the score will increase]

(6. Create a Pong Game)

 [press the green bar to bounce the ball back and increase the score]

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here are my 2 reading quotes and the 7 teachings.

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Here are my 2 reading quotes and the 7 Teachings.

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Here are 2 reading quotes and 7 teachings

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Here are my 2 reading quotes and the 7 Teachings.


This is in colour.

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Here are my 2 reading quotes and 7 teachings

here it is in color

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Here are my 7 reading quotes and the 7 teachings

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Here are my 2 reading quotes and the 7 teaching

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Here are my  two reading quotes and seven teachings.

Here is my two reading quotes and seven teachings in color.

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Here are my 2 reading quotes and the 7 teachings

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Here are my 2 reading quotes and the 7 teachings

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Here are my 2 reading quotes and the 7 teachings.
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Here are my 2 reading quotes and the 7 Teaching.

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Here are my 2 reading quotes and the 7 Teachings.

\ Here it is in colour

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This is my Autobiography and Timeline

My name is Gibey Obenza. I have Black hair and black eyes. And i am 5’5 and i am 13 years old and my birthday is on March 16th, 2003. My name is after no one. My Zodiac.

Robyn, Gabriel, john, kerwin, troy, jordan, and Kian cause they are kind. The best time that i had with them is when we play basketball on skate park
and it was fun because we are all enjoying the game.
My hobbies that i shared with them is when we play video games.

My school name is Sargent park school, and the principal’s name is Mrs, L,krosney and she’s kind. My best time in school is when me and my friends are all playing basketball in the gym.

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This is my Autobiography and Timeline.

Section #1: The Bare Facts

My name is John Adrian Subagan Diaz. My hair colour is black and my eye colour is brown. I am 5 ft 5 inches. I'm 13 years old, I was born on December 11, 2002. My birthstone is Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise. My birth sign is Sagittarius.
Section #2: Family
In my family, I am the second oldest. I was born after my older sister. There are 5 people in my family, My Mother and Father, sister, my younger brother, and me. My mom’s name is Gladys,a loving mother,she likes to take pictures and go to places, she’s an outdoor person. My dad’s name is Reynaldo, a loving father,he likes to watch movies and he likes sports, his favorite sport is Basketball, his favorite movie genre is Action. My little brother’s name is John Ray, most of the time he is energetic, and he’s never shy. He likes to play video games and watch Youtube videos. He loves to play Pokemon cards. My older sister is Rheanne, a helpful sister,she is quiet and shy, in school she never talks a lot. But when she’s with her friends she is crazy and weird. She likes to hang out with her friends and watch movies and tv shows. Here is a picture of my whole family. My ethnic origin is filipino. My family used to have two Jack Russell Chihuahua puppies, but we gave them away to our close friends because we had a long vacation in the Philippines.
Section #3: Your Home
My house is white and has 3 floors. It has a front yard and a backyard. My bedroom has a bunk beds and 2 closets. My back yard is big, it has a barbeque, a storage shed, and a carport. The 1st floor of my house has 3 rooms and 1 washroom. My room, my parent’s room, and my sisters room. In the 2nd floor of my house is a living room, a kitchen, and a long flight of stairs to get up to the 1st floor. In the living room there are 4 couches and a Big hd flatscreen tv. In the kitchen there’s 1 table and appliances. The last thing about my house is the basement. My basement has a big heater, a tv, 2 washing machines, a table, and a Ps4. My favourite thing about my house is the basement, because my I play a lot of video games. I used to live in Papua New Guinea, I grew up there when I was born, till I moved to Canada in 2009. Our house there was a Bungalow.

Section #4: Friends Over The Years
Some of the friends i've had over the years are Vince, Derick, Jade, Tyler, Bernadette, Anthony, Joven, and Audrey. What I like about them is that they’re crazy and funny. What I like about my friend Vince is that he is a really good artist. He can draw a lot of cartoon/animated/anime, and he can also draw real things like faces and stuff. What I like about Derick is that he’s really good at sports and he’s also funny. I like Jade because she is smart and helps me a lot, she’s also fun. One of the best times I had with my friends was in my birthday party. It was 2nd grade and I invited all of my friends over to my house. It was fun because we were being crazy and doing crazy things. We were in my room and on top of the bunk bed. One of my friends named Bryden was jumping on the bunk bed and he fell off and landed on his back. Everyone was laughing, also Bryden was laughing. We also played Wii Boxing in the basement and it was really fun. Another time when me and my friends had fun was when when we were in Camp Douglas. In grade 6 my friends and I were in a Cabin sleeping and we had to go to sleep. But we were all awake and scared. We were so scared and we thought we were going to die because it was so dark and creepy. I kept on scaring them by making sounds and stuff. Then my friend Dominic was saying his last words to his family and said, “TELL MY MOM I LOVE HER!”. Everyone was laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt. But my laugh was so funny because it sounded like a monkey, then everyone laughed even more. We laughed for 1 hour and it was a really good time. The interests/hobbies that I do with my friends is Basketball, video games, and watching horror movies.

Section #5: You
My personality is, creative, childish, honest, focused, and athletic.
Some of my faults are being either clumsy, careless, and impatient. My interests are drawing, watching horror movies, and playing video games. I like to go outside and play basketball a lot. I once played in Inner City Wesmen Football.
I won a medal in grade 5 and grade 6 for Academic Excellence.

I admire LEBRON James because he is my favorite basketball player, his story is inspirational, Lebron grew up poor and his dad left him, the only person  he had was his mom. Then he started playing basketball when he was young. Basketball was his passion and what he relied on for his future. He skipped high school and went to the NBA at 18 years old. This year at the NBA finals he proved everyone wrong, him and the Cleveland Cavaliers were down 3-1 then they forced game 7 and became the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 deficit. He is really nice also because he donates money for different things. He spent 41 million dollars to send students to college.  

Section #6: Timeline

December 11, 2002
January 12, 2003
July 24,2006
First Time in a beach
June 23, 2014
First Holy Communion (Canada)
January 6, 2015
Vacation in Philippines  
June 26, 2015
Graduated Grade 6
September 28, 2016
Playing Pokemon Go

Section #7: School Days
  • The name of your school, Principal’s name and one fact about her.
Explain the best time you had at school i.e. Gym Blast, Heritage Fair etc.
I go to Sargent Park School, and the Principal's name is Luba Krosney. One fact about her is that she became our new Principal after our old one got promoted to a Superintendent. The best time I had at school was in Grade 7. It was the Junior High Activity Day, or (Bouncy Day). There was activities outside like laser tag, bouncy house, and also other things. I remember going inside the gym in the afternoon and playing basketball with new people.
Section #8: Future Plans
In the future I want to be a Pilot on an Airplane. I want to be a pilot because it's really exciting, you get to go to different places in the world and see them,and the views are amazing. The University I want to study at is UCLA. I want to finish school,graduate, and get a good job. I want to travel to New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Greece, Italy, France, Hawaii, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and San Francisco. In the future I want to live in Chicago or Los Angeles. When I'm twenty five years old I will look skinny but muscular, have facial hair, and maybe have a shaved beard. My jawline will show more because my face will become skinnier, I think my eyebrows will turn gray because I'm older. My hair will grow longer and I will grow taller.

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Section 1 the bare facts

My name is Angel courchene hobson. I have black hair and brown eyes. I think i'm 5 feet 8 inches i was born on 2002 November 15 and i was 2 months early. My birthstone is yellow topaz and my zodiac sign is Scorpio.
Section 2 family

My position in my family is the youngest. I live with my both my parent with my brother we all have brown eyes and black hair.I have a cat that is one years old and three fish that are six or five years old.

Section 3 your home
I live in a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms my house is a white house with 2 floors an upstairs a downstairs and a creepy basement. What i like best about my house is having my own room.i don't like having to share my room with my brother because it sucks to share a room. i remember having to share a room when i was younger my family lived in a two bedroom house lived in an apartment it was not fun.

Section 4 friends over the years

I've had a lot of friends over the years what i like most about my friends are that they can make me laugh. One of the best times i've had with my friends is when we played catch. One of the things that me and my friends do is discuss a tv show we like and talk about our favorite characters and stuff like that.

Section 5 you

I am shy that is my personality i am not out going and i am definitely not athletic. Like most people i have faults one of my faults is that i am shy i also am not a social person. One of my hobbies is watching movies and tv one of my habits is that i sometimes leave stuff out after i am done with them.i admire my parents because they are older them be and they are my parents i i guess i'm supposed to admire them.

Section 6 timeline

November 15 2002
I was born
Began to walk
Move houses/schools
Started grade 1 at new school
Got my appendix removed
Moved schools/started grade 7
September 25 2016
I broke my glasses

Section 7 school days

The name of my school is sargent park my principal name is Mrs krosney the best time i had at school would have to be at the beginning of my first year at sargent park in grade 7 when we had the bounce castles.

Section 8 future plans

What i hope to be in the future is still unclear to me right now but what i hope to do is to travel out of the country because i have never done that before. What i think i will look like when i am 25 years old is like how i am right now but i think i will be taller. But i don't think i will be that tall though as for my face i think i might wear contacts instead of glasses. I will definitely fit a bigger shoe size and a bigger clothes size but i don't
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This is my Autobiography and Timeline

My name is Robyn Bernal. I have black hair and black eyes. My height is 5’1 . I am now 12 years old and my birthday is on December 20th 2003. My name is after no-one. My zodiac sign is Sagittarius. If my family is not here, I’m with my brothers and sister. I’m the youngest in the family. I don’t have any pets. . My house has a brown roof top, white walls around it. I have like 14 windows. I have a garage. My garage fits like 1 car. My room is big. Kian, Troy, Jordan, Gibey, Kerwin, Kobe, Oghie, etc. My friends are funny. The best time that i had with my friends is, we always play basketball in skate park and sometimes we tell a jokes. I’m a bit shy. I play basketball with my friends and I play videogames too.I won a medal when I was in grade. 5. I go to Sargent Park School. The Principal’s name at Sargent Park is, Ms.Krosny. Ms.Krosny is very kind to us. My future is to graduate college and to become an Engineer. The reason that I want to be an Engineer is, so that I can build a house for my family.

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this is my autobiography and timeline

Section #1: Me
My full name is Keaghan Theodore Horbas i have Black Hair and Brown Eyes In 5 Ft 5 Inches, 12 Years Old. My birthday is 4/12/16 and was not named after anyone.Since i'm a December baby it's quite cold around my birthday which is pretty cool but also very cold. I love fishing and sporting activities birthstone is blue Zircon and Sagittarius be thy sign.

Section #2: Family

I would fit in the big/older brother among two sisters. My Mother (Mary age 29) is a funny yet understanding women when it comes to it and is always looking great with beautiful brownish hair and a happy personality. My Stepfather (Marvin age 30) is a man with a muscular build but with a soft and tender loving heart but when he has to he will follow through in time of need. My Sister (Mekena age 5) is pretty cheerful and a great person to hang out with but me and her seem to annoy each other more than anyone else. My younger Half Sister (Mia age 11 months) is a small and adorable baby who always seems to be smiling. She's amazing at cheering us up in times of sadness and never fails to amuse me. My ethnic origin would include ¼ Filipino ¼ Polish and ½ Laos. I have no pets. My family seems to be a bit weird but we make sure to always be on the brighter side of things and is always thankful for everyone around us.

Section #3: Your Home
I live on the newly named Valour Rd. In a huge house with two stories and a basement i.e (The Mancave.) not only is this the first house we've bought and owned but it's definitely my favorite because of my room. My room has a bunk bed which on the top i sleep and below is a desk a closet plus a set of stairs which are actually drawers. Down below lies the kitchen which is a beautiful tiled room which houses its own fridge, oven and even the kitchen sink. Adjacent to that is a awesome living room with complete with a sectional and a recliner. Before now i've lived in 7 different places including apartments condos and others houses.

Section #4: Friends Over the Years
Angelo an awesome and all around great person. Veni a great person to look up to. Arthur the boy who can always put a smile on my face. Inigo a hilarious guy with an innocent mind. Rainer someone always by your side. Arif a kind person always looking on the bright side. Over the years i've had some pretty great memories with my friends some of which include Rainer, Arif and I going to green hill for the first time or when we made the song about equivalent fractions. Now in grade 8 we usually are in the same classes of which usually leads to one of us getting in trouble.

Section #5: You
If I were to say five things about myself it would have to be Outgoing,Good Judgement, Quick-Witted, Responsible and Athletic. A couple faults would be Forgetful and Coldhearted.   
I've always wanted to go skydiving and bungee jumping, i like to run and talk to friends, i also have the habit of eating too much and being a bit mean. I go to cadets and every now and then i find time to volunteer at the siloam mission center. One person i admire is the famous Muhammad Ali for the way he stood up for black pride and the well known Malala for fighting for women's right to education even after she was shot by the Taliban.
Section #6: Timeline

2003I am alive
2007New Ds
2008To Toronto
2012Learn How to Bike
2011Mekena born
2015Mia Born
2016Im 13

Section #7: School days
I attend sargent park school of which the principal's name is mrs krosney. One thing i know about her is that she came to sargent park school in 2014. The best moment for me would definitely be cross country meets.
Section #8: Future plans
My one and only goal in life is to cure cancer. Not sure what i want to be when i grow up. I would hope to live in the treetops of a large tree. In 25 years i will probably look around the same because anyone new i meet suspects that i'm around 15-16 which is pretty cool but it shows that my face doesn't age so i'll probably stay the same.

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this is my autobiography and timeline

  • Section one bare facts
My names is Edmar Ryan Navarro my hair and eye color is black my height is 4’10” age is 12 and I was born on 11/30/03 I was named after no one that I know of… I don’t know any interesting facts about my birth I’m just normal. My birthstone is a topas and my zodiac sign is a sheep

  • Section Family
I’m the oldest in the family. I have a dad that has a beard and wears glasses a mom that also sometimes wears glasses and i have only one sister that has a teddy bear that she brings around with her the mall the zoo anywhere my ethnic origin filipino but with a little bit of spanish and chinese i have three goldfish and they are 5 months old i like them because they are my first pet i ever had and we just bought five new one and goldfish are cool.

  • Section your home

My house has only two bedrooms and one washroom a kitchen and a living room with a storage basement that doubles as a trap door located in the washroom our backyard isn’t even a backyard it’s more of a junk yard thanks to my dad there is no room to do stuff like put a pool it’s just filled with junk and my mom hates it i have lived in an apartment for most of my life basically i move yo this house when i was just grade 2 most of my memories are mostly at that apartment  but i have never lived anywhere else but those two places.

  • Section friends over the years

The friends that i have had over the years are keaghan, Arif, Darren, Venly, Jaymar, Rainer. I like keaghan because he’s a fun guy when you get to meet him, Arif he’s more of the funny guy And darren We hang out the most Venly i play with him very often Jaymar is that guy that just tags along thats why i like them. There was this one time that me and Darren went to his house and ate his 3 pound gummy bear and this time we were over at my house eating our lunch then we saw the time so we had to run as fast as we can to get to school because we were late. That was fun. Some hobbies we do are play games talk about our recent game play and that’s it.

  • Section you

Im loud, inpatient, happy, Adventurous, And Cheerful. I'm anxious Not that very anxious just anxious. My hobbies are drawing, Playing any type of games, and arm gestures. No I don't cuz I don't have enough time to join them. I have never won an award nor a trophy/medal cuz I'm not that good at sports. I admire my mom because without her our family will not function the same anymore.

  • Section Timeline

Nov 30 2003
I was born in the women’s hospital
Nov 30
Had my 7th Birthday
July 14
First time strawberry picking
Oct 23
First Time Going to sunday school
Sept 7
First Time coming to sargent park
May 17
Got a family portrait

  • Section School days

The name of my school is Sargent park School, Our principal’s name is Mrs krosne she recently became our principal last two years ago. The best time I ever have was get to go out on the lunch hours.

  • Section Future Plans

I don't really know what I want to be right now. I hope that me and my family have a chance to go to another place like Toronto. I hope that we have a chance to get to live at Florida Taller more Smart more mature Just a lot more better than I was in grade 8 to 1 more focus Probably have a stable job able to maybe drive in a car.

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