Angel's autobiography and timeline's

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Section 1 the bare facts

My name is Angel courchene hobson. I have black hair and brown eyes. I think i'm 5 feet 8 inches i was born on 2002 November 15 and i was 2 months early. My birthstone is yellow topaz and my zodiac sign is Scorpio.
Section 2 family

My position in my family is the youngest. I live with my both my parent with my brother we all have brown eyes and black hair.I have a cat that is one years old and three fish that are six or five years old.

Section 3 your home
I live in a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms my house is a white house with 2 floors an upstairs a downstairs and a creepy basement. What i like best about my house is having my own room.i don't like having to share my room with my brother because it sucks to share a room. i remember having to share a room when i was younger my family lived in a two bedroom house lived in an apartment it was not fun.

Section 4 friends over the years

I've had a lot of friends over the years what i like most about my friends are that they can make me laugh. One of the best times i've had with my friends is when we played catch. One of the things that me and my friends do is discuss a tv show we like and talk about our favorite characters and stuff like that.

Section 5 you

I am shy that is my personality i am not out going and i am definitely not athletic. Like most people i have faults one of my faults is that i am shy i also am not a social person. One of my hobbies is watching movies and tv one of my habits is that i sometimes leave stuff out after i am done with them.i admire my parents because they are older them be and they are my parents i i guess i'm supposed to admire them.

Section 6 timeline

November 15 2002
I was born
Began to walk
Move houses/schools
Started grade 1 at new school
Got my appendix removed
Moved schools/started grade 7
September 25 2016
I broke my glasses

Section 7 school days

The name of my school is sargent park my principal name is Mrs krosney the best time i had at school would have to be at the beginning of my first year at sargent park in grade 7 when we had the bounce castles.

Section 8 future plans

What i hope to be in the future is still unclear to me right now but what i hope to do is to travel out of the country because i have never done that before. What i think i will look like when i am 25 years old is like how i am right now but i think i will be taller. But i don't think i will be that tall though as for my face i think i might wear contacts instead of glasses. I will definitely fit a bigger shoe size and a bigger clothes size but i don't
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