Aiden's Autobiography and Timeline

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This is my Autobiography and Timeline

Section 1 The Bare Facts
My name is Aiden Marcus Almario. My hair color is black and my eye color is brown. I am 5 ft. I’m 13 years old and I was born on the 11th of February 2003. I was not named after anyone, not that I know of… When I was born I think I was the 2nd or 3rd largest baby born in my family, but I have became the skinniest and shortest one. My birthstone is an amethyst but my zodiac sign was Aquarius but now I’m a Capricorn apparently.

Section #2: Family
In my family I am the third youngest child or the third oldest child. I have 6 members of my family in one household including myself. My dad is 41 years old, he sleeps in the day and is awake at night considering he has a night job at the airport. He fuels the planes. He’s nice sometimes in the house but very rarely. He’s usually pissed. My mom is 41 years old and the opposite of my dad. Considering she works out. She’s usually nice but somewhat pissed about a small little thing I do wrong. She works at Great West Life and looks a decade younger than her age. My eldest brother Romiel is occasionally mean but he’s my brother and he means well. He is 18, Works at Old Navy and he likes dancing. My other brother Noah is like my favorite one in my house. Because it’s easy to talk to him, he’s chill, and he’s a cool person. Also he’s 16. And lastly my youngest and only sister Ella. She’s 11. And she’s a spoiled brat. She talks to my family like if she were talking to her friends. “Like Whatever, Oh my gosh, OKAYYYY…”
She also likes dancing and tries to sing. My ethnic origin is 50% Filipino 50% Canadian. I have three cats named Ewok, OJ, and Yoshi.I like OJ because she’s fat and cuddly. Ewok has this high pitched voice that i like, and Yoshi is the boring one. Yup.

Section#3: Your Home
The home I’m currently living in is near east Kildonan and it’s better than the house we lived in before. The exterior look is just an orange line across the middle of the white parts It has this giant window that’s larger than me and it only has two floors. The interior is basically wood on the floor anywhere except the kitchen. White walls everywhere except the bedrooms and that’s only the first floor. The basement is still yet to be finished. Concrete and Styrofoam walls and floors, curtains to cover them, more wooden floors for the bedrooms, and it has this big water hole that's opened for the washing machine, it bothers me when I have to fish out some ping pong balls for the fun of my siblings. My bedroom is pretty modern I guess. I got a white wall with grey stripes too, black curtains, a wooden bed frame with a built in bookshelf in it. Also some drawers and stuff. My closet is small so that’s my bedroom. What I really don’t like about my house is the yard. It has ant hills minus the ants, weed growing, and unnecessary trees growing. But what I do like about my house is that it’s spacious. Now I lived more near the school before but that house was terrible. Rats, spiders, spider webs, basement not finished.

Section #4: Friends Over the Years
Angelo Marcial, He is always supporting me, always smiling with his uneven teeth, and he’s nice to me even when I’m feeling moody.
Veni Martinez, He makes puns with me, plays video games with me, and he is very nice, even though he cusses at me sometimes.
Aaron Herrera, He’s just nice and everyone likes a nice dude.

Section #5: You

I am athletic, punny, somewhat smart, nice dude, “cute”. My faults in school are participation. I get nervous whenever I raise my hand, like my thoughts in my head say “what if i get this wrong, everyone will laugh and say i’m stupid...” It rarely happens but you can’t expect it. A fault at home and at school is procrastination. Whenever I need an assignment done I look at the time and say, eh, I could talk some more, and then I look at the time again and it’s like, Oh shoot man! Ugh I don’t want homework! My interest is dancing. I don’t take it seriously but it let’s myself go. My hobbies are playing video games, and playing volleyball. A bad habit I have is taking off my nails with my fingers without the nail cutter. My nails still look decent though. I have not been to any clubs accept tae kwon do. I only joined because it looked fun, and it was. I also joined to get stronger and more athletic. I quit because I was tired of the same old things we did over and over again. I have won award from tae kwon doh tournaments. I only won gold and silver in patterns, board breaking, and sparring. I was popular in tae kwon doh. I admire Ryan Higa. He followed his dream of become famous, he’s out of the box and I want to be just like him.

Section #6: Timeline

(See the top)

Section #7: School Days

The school I go to is Sargent Park School. The principal’s name is Ms. Krosney and she always treats people nice and has a huge smile on her face everyday. The best time I ever had at school was probably gym riot. We lost and I lost my voice after. But I got to spend time with my friends, put face paint on and had a load of fun.

Section #8: Future Plans

When I think about myself and personal future goals, I think of just straight up… Getting a girlfriend. It’s not that I’m not crazy over getting a love, it's just that I want to know how to love. My future career plans is just to be somewhat famous. Youtube famous? If that doesn’t work i’ll just have like a cool job. But my top choice for having a cool job is working at the MTS centre or any centre. Why? Free shows, if crowd control. I wish to live in Toronto because there’s the CN tower, NBA games, and famous canadians like Drake or The Weekend. When I become 25 I will still look like I’m 16. I will grow a beard like Anthony Lee (search him up), I will have no wrinkles, young looking, short. I said all of this from my genes. When I see myself in 12 years from now I look at my dad. It’s genetics. I will look young because my dad is 40 and my friends say he looks 10 years younger. Short, because my mom and my dad are 5,6 or something. I’m not sure about my height because 2 of my brothers are taller than their parents and my 2 year younger sister is taller than me by an inch. The beard thing, because my brothers already has strands of beard hair. I just have to see what the future holds for little old me. Or should I say short young me.

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