Mary Jane's Autobiography and Timelines

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This is my autobiography and timeline

Section 1: The Bare Facts

My name is Mary Jane Marquez. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I don’t know how tall I am, but most people say I’m short, I disagree. I am thirteen years old. My birthdate is on February 24, 2003. I was not named after anyone, though my name starts with M for Mary, from my dad, and J for Jane from my mom. I don’t know any interesting thing about my birth, but i do know that I was very clumsy when I was a toddler. My birthstone is Amethyst. My zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Section 2: Family

I have many aunts and uncles who I love. I also have many many close cousins who I love to death, but my family with my mom, dad, sister, and I, we are a family of four. My mom a very loving and caring person. My mom loves cooking and having fun. She is super hard working. My mom works as a sewer, a cleaner, and at a restaurant at different places. I love her because she works really hard for our family. My dad is really kind and caring. He loves to have fun and go to many places. He always wants my sister and I to always do our homework and work well. My dad is a welder. I love him because he tries to be the best dad he can. Both my parents are pretty short. I have a little sister who is two years younger than me. My sister and I are almost the same height which is odd. Her name is Kyla. She has long straight hair and she loves playing basketball. At home we usually fight, because I find her very annoying. Lastly, my grandparents. One of my grandmas is here in Canada. My other grandma is in the Philippines. Both my grandpas sadly passed away, and I never got to meet one of them since I was born. My ethnicity is Filipino. Unfortunately I have no pets. I’ve wanted a pet dog for a long time. Ever since i was little, I’ve always wanted one. I couldn’t get one because no one will feed it because nobody is usually home. So, when I do see a dog in public I get so excited and just want to keep it.

Section 3: Your Home

My house is not too big, and not too small. My house has been through a lot of renovating. When we moved in my parents told me they didn’t like the look of it. So they renovated the living room, dining room, and basement. They replaced some of the carpet in the house, with hardwood. I share a room with my sister. It can get really frustrating. Summer 2017 we’re planning to renovate the two rooms on the top floor. My sister and I will each get a room. I can’t wait until I have my own room. For now I’ll have to stick with my sister. In our front yard, my mom has a lot of plants there. She’s really into gardening. There is also Christmas decorations in the front. My dad made them at work from metal, since he’s a welder. Then we just added Christmas lights around it. There’s a christmas tree, a snowman, a reindeer, and a star. We usually plug it in in the evening. In the backyard my parents decided to build a deck. They built in Summer 2015. I love it because when my cousins come over we usually hang out there, eat snacks, and have fun. I like to do my homework there sometimes too. My older cousins put up a basketball hoop in the backyard that my dad bought. They took quite a while doing it and they got a little frustrated but now it’s up and my sister can play basketball whenever she wants. I really love the house we live in because it’s really close to a high school I can go to after Sargent Park. Before this house we lived in an apartment. I kind of know what it looks like because of my 1st birthday video my parent made. We moved into the house since January 2005.

Section 4: Friends Over the Years

I don’t have lots of close friends. I do have friends that are great. My best friend Sofia was supposed to be in the same class as me this year in grade 8. She moved to a new house and a new school. I get really sad sometimes because I can’t hang out and have fun with her at lunch or in class, but I can always go to the mall with her or go to her house which is great. What I really like about Sofia is that she is really funny. Her and I can relate to many things. She’s one of the nicest people I met. I also have two other friends. Clarisse and Zhan. I love being friends with them because they are so nice to others. I also love eating lunch with them and talk about school assignments. With my best friend Sofia I’ve had many best times with her. In class in grade 7 we’d love to make jokes and have fun. We loved our class in grade 7 because our class was super funny and creative. The other time with Sofia was when we went to Polo Park together after the last day of school. We bought some food, took pictures. It was really fun. With Clarisse and Zhan I love doing homework with them and to each other. With Sofia I love making jokes with her, having fun, play badminton, just random things we’d do together.

Section 5: You

My personality is not that interesting. I’m very shy with people I’ve just met. I wish I was really outgoing, but if I try to be outgoing or confident I end up being all awkward around people. Then I end up embarrassing myself. I enjoy learning new things but I am kind of slow at understand. Usually it depends on the subject. I can be outgoing when I’m with my friends. I’m usually loud and weird at home though. I can be a really nervous person in small situations. A fault that I have is being mean to my sister. I can be a little mean to my sister sometimes. Usually I regret it in the end but we get along most of the time. A hobby that I have is exploring and taking pictures. I love taking pictures. I wish I can take pictures of places I’ve never been to before in the future. An interest that I have is reading. I love to read all genre books because reading makes you feel like you’re in a place that you’ve never been to. Another interest I have is playing volleyball. People might think that I don’t play any sports. That’s because I didn’t join cross country. I didn’t join because I hate running. Volleyball is a sport that I actually enjoy, even if I may not be the best. I am not in any clubs, teams, or organizations. I wish I was on the volleyball team but I’m not that good. I’ve won a medal for heritage fair in fourth grade. I’ve also won a trophy of excellence in grade six. I don’t admire anyone famous. I do admire my family because they are positive, fun, and happy.

Section 6: Timeline


February 24, 2003
Day of Birth at Bauan Batangas, Bejasa Hospital
December 16, 2003
Moved to Canada, in an apartment
January 2004
Started to walk
February 24, 2004
Celebrated First Birthday at Emerald Restaurant
December 31, 2004
Moved to a new house, and grew up there
January 17, 2011
Went on a vacation to the Philippines for a month
September 17, 2016
Celebrated cousin’s 7th birthday

Section 7: School Days

The name of my school is Sargent Park. Our Principal at Sargent Park is Ms. Krosney. Ms. Krosney is a great Principal because she is super nice and positive. The best time I’ve had at Sargent Park was when there are all the bouncy castles at the beginning of the year and we get to buy cotton candy and stuff.

Section 8: Future Plans

In the future, I hope I have finished school successfully. I hope that I’ve got good grade, tried my best, and reach my goals. I hope that my family is safe and healthy, and I got to travel the world somehow. I’m not really sure what i want my career to be yet. I guess I’m just going to go with the flow and select the options I’d like. I hope I’m still living here in Winnipeg because this is where I grew up. When I’m twenty five I hope I look decent I guess. I hope my appearance is better than what I look like now. I just hope that I’m happy with my appearance, my family, and my job.          

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