Edmar Autobiography and Timeline

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this is my autobiography and timeline

  • Section one bare facts
My names is Edmar Ryan Navarro my hair and eye color is black my height is 4’10” age is 12 and I was born on 11/30/03 I was named after no one that I know of… I don’t know any interesting facts about my birth I’m just normal. My birthstone is a topas and my zodiac sign is a sheep

  • Section Family
I’m the oldest in the family. I have a dad that has a beard and wears glasses a mom that also sometimes wears glasses and i have only one sister that has a teddy bear that she brings around with her the mall the zoo anywhere my ethnic origin filipino but with a little bit of spanish and chinese i have three goldfish and they are 5 months old i like them because they are my first pet i ever had and we just bought five new one and goldfish are cool.

  • Section your home

My house has only two bedrooms and one washroom a kitchen and a living room with a storage basement that doubles as a trap door located in the washroom our backyard isn’t even a backyard it’s more of a junk yard thanks to my dad there is no room to do stuff like put a pool it’s just filled with junk and my mom hates it i have lived in an apartment for most of my life basically i move yo this house when i was just grade 2 most of my memories are mostly at that apartment  but i have never lived anywhere else but those two places.

  • Section friends over the years

The friends that i have had over the years are keaghan, Arif, Darren, Venly, Jaymar, Rainer. I like keaghan because he’s a fun guy when you get to meet him, Arif he’s more of the funny guy And darren We hang out the most Venly i play with him very often Jaymar is that guy that just tags along thats why i like them. There was this one time that me and Darren went to his house and ate his 3 pound gummy bear and this time we were over at my house eating our lunch then we saw the time so we had to run as fast as we can to get to school because we were late. That was fun. Some hobbies we do are play games talk about our recent game play and that’s it.

  • Section you

Im loud, inpatient, happy, Adventurous, And Cheerful. I'm anxious Not that very anxious just anxious. My hobbies are drawing, Playing any type of games, and arm gestures. No I don't cuz I don't have enough time to join them. I have never won an award nor a trophy/medal cuz I'm not that good at sports. I admire my mom because without her our family will not function the same anymore.

  • Section Timeline

Nov 30 2003
I was born in the women’s hospital
Nov 30
Had my 7th Birthday
July 14
First time strawberry picking
Oct 23
First Time Going to sunday school
Sept 7
First Time coming to sargent park
May 17
Got a family portrait

  • Section School days

The name of my school is Sargent park School, Our principal’s name is Mrs krosne she recently became our principal last two years ago. The best time I ever have was get to go out on the lunch hours.

  • Section Future Plans

I don't really know what I want to be right now. I hope that me and my family have a chance to go to another place like Toronto. I hope that we have a chance to get to live at Florida Taller more Smart more mature Just a lot more better than I was in grade 8 to 1 more focus Probably have a stable job able to maybe drive in a car.

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