Space Invaders

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As a kid I would travel throughout the city and spend my bus fare at the local arcades.  For all of you too young to know what that is..... it would be many video game machines in a building and they charged 25 cents a game.  One of my favorite games was Space Invaders.  This will be your next Tech task.

To start this project you need to explore a few sractch Space invaders...
  • log into Scratch
  • Search Space Invaders
  • Click on a few, Do Not play but go to See Inside
  • Your goal is to create the base ship and a sprite that will serve as a laser/bullet.
When you have found a SIMPLE game and you create your own base ship(sprite) and Bullet(sprite 2)

Find the code you like to help you move the ship to the right and the left and the bullet to go from the bottom to the top.

The tricky code is how to have sprite 1 and 2 connected so that the bullet goes up from where ever (sprite 1) the base ship moves.

Happy ship building.

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