Keaghan's AutoBiography and Timelines

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this is my autobiography and timeline

Section #1: Me
My full name is Keaghan Theodore Horbas i have Black Hair and Brown Eyes In 5 Ft 5 Inches, 12 Years Old. My birthday is 4/12/16 and was not named after anyone.Since i'm a December baby it's quite cold around my birthday which is pretty cool but also very cold. I love fishing and sporting activities birthstone is blue Zircon and Sagittarius be thy sign.

Section #2: Family

I would fit in the big/older brother among two sisters. My Mother (Mary age 29) is a funny yet understanding women when it comes to it and is always looking great with beautiful brownish hair and a happy personality. My Stepfather (Marvin age 30) is a man with a muscular build but with a soft and tender loving heart but when he has to he will follow through in time of need. My Sister (Mekena age 5) is pretty cheerful and a great person to hang out with but me and her seem to annoy each other more than anyone else. My younger Half Sister (Mia age 11 months) is a small and adorable baby who always seems to be smiling. She's amazing at cheering us up in times of sadness and never fails to amuse me. My ethnic origin would include ¼ Filipino ¼ Polish and ½ Laos. I have no pets. My family seems to be a bit weird but we make sure to always be on the brighter side of things and is always thankful for everyone around us.

Section #3: Your Home
I live on the newly named Valour Rd. In a huge house with two stories and a basement i.e (The Mancave.) not only is this the first house we've bought and owned but it's definitely my favorite because of my room. My room has a bunk bed which on the top i sleep and below is a desk a closet plus a set of stairs which are actually drawers. Down below lies the kitchen which is a beautiful tiled room which houses its own fridge, oven and even the kitchen sink. Adjacent to that is a awesome living room with complete with a sectional and a recliner. Before now i've lived in 7 different places including apartments condos and others houses.

Section #4: Friends Over the Years
Angelo an awesome and all around great person. Veni a great person to look up to. Arthur the boy who can always put a smile on my face. Inigo a hilarious guy with an innocent mind. Rainer someone always by your side. Arif a kind person always looking on the bright side. Over the years i've had some pretty great memories with my friends some of which include Rainer, Arif and I going to green hill for the first time or when we made the song about equivalent fractions. Now in grade 8 we usually are in the same classes of which usually leads to one of us getting in trouble.

Section #5: You
If I were to say five things about myself it would have to be Outgoing,Good Judgement, Quick-Witted, Responsible and Athletic. A couple faults would be Forgetful and Coldhearted.   
I've always wanted to go skydiving and bungee jumping, i like to run and talk to friends, i also have the habit of eating too much and being a bit mean. I go to cadets and every now and then i find time to volunteer at the siloam mission center. One person i admire is the famous Muhammad Ali for the way he stood up for black pride and the well known Malala for fighting for women's right to education even after she was shot by the Taliban.
Section #6: Timeline

2003I am alive
2007New Ds
2008To Toronto
2012Learn How to Bike
2011Mekena born
2015Mia Born
2016Im 13

Section #7: School days
I attend sargent park school of which the principal's name is mrs krosney. One thing i know about her is that she came to sargent park school in 2014. The best moment for me would definitely be cross country meets.
Section #8: Future plans
My one and only goal in life is to cure cancer. Not sure what i want to be when i grow up. I would hope to live in the treetops of a large tree. In 25 years i will probably look around the same because anyone new i meet suspects that i'm around 15-16 which is pretty cool but it shows that my face doesn't age so i'll probably stay the same.

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