Robyn's Autobiography and Timelines

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This is my Autobiography and Timeline

My name is Robyn Bernal. I have black hair and black eyes. My height is 5’1 . I am now 12 years old and my birthday is on December 20th 2003. My name is after no-one. My zodiac sign is Sagittarius. If my family is not here, I’m with my brothers and sister. I’m the youngest in the family. I don’t have any pets. . My house has a brown roof top, white walls around it. I have like 14 windows. I have a garage. My garage fits like 1 car. My room is big. Kian, Troy, Jordan, Gibey, Kerwin, Kobe, Oghie, etc. My friends are funny. The best time that i had with my friends is, we always play basketball in skate park and sometimes we tell a jokes. I’m a bit shy. I play basketball with my friends and I play videogames too.I won a medal when I was in grade. 5. I go to Sargent Park School. The Principal’s name at Sargent Park is, Ms.Krosny. Ms.Krosny is very kind to us. My future is to graduate college and to become an Engineer. The reason that I want to be an Engineer is, so that I can build a house for my family.

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