Juwan's Autobiography and Timelines

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This is my Autobiography and Timeline

My name is Juwan Duszak. I have black hair and brown eyes. I am now 13 years old and my birthdate is in February 6th 2003. My zodiac sign is Aquarius. I am the oldest sibling in my family. My father is taller and has short hair with a tattoo on his leg. My mother looks a bit shorter than me but she has long hair and she likes to cook for my family. My brother Justin Duszak, he is skinny and he likes watching on his ipod. My youngest brother John Duszak, he likes to play Clash Royale on his ipad and he likes watching a T.V show called Teen Titans Go. My little sister Edlyne Duszak, she is five years old and she likes playing with dolls. My house has a brown roof top, white walls around my house, I have like fifteen windows around my house, and also I have three gates. In my backyard I have a garage, a basketball court, and a tent to hang out. Inside my house, in my living room I have a big television, two couches with five pillows each, a light and also a piano. My bedroom looks like an abandon place. My rooftop is kind of broken and my parents used my bedroom for drying clothes. I used to live an apartment while I was 1 year old. I am a bit shy sometimes because I got nervous on what I am doing. I am a boy and I Section 6:Timeline Timeline: Date Event February 6 2003 Date where i’m born September 8 2007 Date of first day of school January 1 New year’s day October 31 Halloween December Christmas Easter egg
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