Shelby's Autobiography and Timeline

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This is my autobiography and timeline

Section 1 The Bare Facts
My full name is Shelby Brooke Cram. My eye colour is blue with a little bit of yellow, and my hair colour is dark blonde. My height is 5 foot 5. My age is 13 and my birthday is July 24 2003. I was not named after anyone. There is no interesting facts. My birthstone is a ruby and my zodiac sign is leo the lion. But according to nasa I am now a cancer.

Section 2 Family
I am the youngest in my family. My mom is 41, has light brown hair with streaks of blonde in them and her eyes are gray, her name is Jane Anna-Rose Cram. My dad is 57 and has the same eyes as I do, his name is Robert Alfred Cram, he works at maple leaf in the ham section. My brother, Reuben Robert Cram is 21 with the same eyes that I have and is working at rona, I think he works in the lumber section. I have 2 budgies,  Bella and Gizmo. Gizmo is blue with a yellow face, has these blue and black spots on her face and has a black tail and black wings. Bella is a white budgie with one black dot on her face and tints of blue on her chest. They are both 3 years old.

Section 3 Your home
I live in a white and blue house, the kitchen is kind of small but it is just right for 4 people maybe even 5. We have a basement that is half creepy and the other half looks like another living room. Then our actual living room has a flat screen T.V., a blue carpet, a lamp and 2 black couches. The dining room has another blue carpet, a radio, and my 2 budgies. The bedrooms are upstairs but they are all basically the same they all have a drawer, a bed and the floor and walls are all blue. ( and the bathroom is really small.) I do not have have a favorite place in my house I like all the rooms.

Section 4 Friends Over the Years
I have completely forgotten about past friends.
Well the first time was with my best friend Sol( or Casey, but he prefers Sol) when we went to this place where you have to figure out how to get out of the room before the time limit runs out, I have always wanted to try that out. The second time was me going to the Red River Ex with my other best friend Alexis. But I did not go on many scary rides.. Well I guess the only thing we pretty much share is playing video games and with my best friends, drawing, but no matter what, usually all my friends are nerds, so am I.

Section 5 You
I am shy, caring, nervous, friendly and sarcastic.I stutter a lot.I like to draw, sing and act. I am joining Leadership.

Section 6 Timeline

July 24 2003
Date of Birth, I was born at the Women’s Hospital
First Pet, we had a chinese fighting fish named Nemo ( my brother picked his name )
First Friend, Her name is Esethu, we were friends for a long time then we just stopped talking.
Meeting my best friends, I First met Alexis, because I was late for my first day of grade 1 and the only spot left was beside her and that is how I met her.
Meeting my other best friend, I never did talk to him, it’s just one day he tackled me, so I freaked out on him, then he said it was a dare so I forgave him and we started hanging out.
My budgies, we first got Bella than Gizmo a month later they currently 3 years old.
My birthday, I turned 13, I am now a teenager.

Section 7 School Days
The name of my school is Sargent Park School, My principal's name is Ms. Krosney and I do not know a fact about her. All I know about her is that she is very nice.My favorite memory from this school is bouncy castle day, it was so much fun! I got to spend the whole day eating cotton candy and spending the day with my friends.

Section 8 Future Plans

When I grow up I want to open up a deli called Shelby’s Deli, just cause I thought it was a cool idea. But if that idea goes down the drain I want to be a DJ, because I love music.I want to live in an area that is like the one I am currently living in, nice, pretty, peaceful and nice neighbors if it has bad neighbors there is no way I am living there.Well I think I will be slightly taller than I already am , I also think will I probably be wearing glasses, it’s a curse my brother and my dad lost their eyesight so I probably will too. I think when I am 25 I will have longer hair, in like a braid all the time and probably more blonde streaks in my hair because I love being in the sun.

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